( February 14th, 2005 ) Special thanks to Numa Rei No Con for having us to their convention. We had a great time and really appreciate all of the support that was shown there. We really hope that you all had a good time at our panels. If anyone would like to leave feed back, our new email address is "limitbreakcosplay@yahoo.com ". We really look forward to hearing from you! Tutorials are slowly going up under "Cosplay 101". Cosplay 101 is really going to have all sorts of stuff under it, so defiantly give that section a gander at some point. We're also going to be placing stuff in our store very very soon!

( January 29th, 2005 ) The web site is actually nearing completion! The only things down right now are the store, cosplay 101, and "Costume Construction" on the costume pages, but that should be addressed pretty quickly! Limit Break has been invited as cosplay guests to Numa Rei No Con in New Orleans, Louisiana. We want to extend our thanks to this convention for having us as guests. Be sure to check out their web site!

( January 10th, 2005 ) Thanks for stopping by! Our web site is currently under all sorts of crazy construction stuff, so just be patient and we will have it up and running soon. In the mean time, please look for our upcoming panel at UshiCon 4! We also will be hosting a Crossplay Panel with Jase!